Sunday, August 24, 2008

What is your passion? Use it!

Find your passionFor a long time, I had a hard time searching down my passions. I always thought computers and linux administration was my passion, and that I should keep studying it and eventually I would actually enjoy it. After going from job to job and being just as dissatisfied and let down over and over again I realized that it wasn't my employer that was bringing me down, it was me.


Simple, I wasn't being fulfilled by what I was doing. I had interest in other places, I found myself distracted by what I could be doing. How did I resolve this?

I made a detailed plan that I am still working from to move myself from what I was doing as a systems administrator, to a power house internet marketer with income on automation, and use that to teach others to follow their passion.

This plan is going VERY well so far. I have found a great group of mentors, teamed up with a close friend, and am teaching others how they can find and follow their passions as well. These are all key ingredients to become a powerhouse at anything, teachers and students, both at the same time. Teach what your taught, and it will become very clear to you how it actually works.

I learned that I love this challenge, I find myself now absolutely immersed in my statistics of my web sites, I find something absolutely amazing about the fact that little tweaks here and there, and people like you come to my website, read what I have to say, and in some cases, purchase products that I market through my website.

I am now working on trying to help others realize a passion, and follow that passion, as a matter of fact, my TRUE passion is teaching others to find a passion and coaching them to use that passion on their own to become a happier person overall. Which is why I refer to myself as a lifestyle coach. Am I available to help you? Certainly, its my passion to do so.

I know what your saying, whoa cowboy, you went from one passion to another in a matter of the same breath? Of course, that's the beauty of following your passions, you can follow them all, and use them how it bests suites you. Here is what I teach others :

  1. Sit down and think, very quickly, if you didn't have to worry about money, what is it you would spend your days doing? List at least (3) things

  2. For each one of these passions, list 3 careers that exist in that passion

  3. For each career you have listed, list 3 experts or authority figures in that career

Once you know who these experts are, you need to attempt contacting them, and asking them to mentor you. Now I know your saying to yourself :
Why would these people want to mentor me?

Because someone who as achieved the status of being an authority figure in their industry naturally wants to have protege's. While making this contacts, you need to start developing goals and dreamlines (we will discuss these in further detail later).

Start today, let me know if you have questions. Go after your passions. You can do it! (continue reading &aquo;)

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