Friday, September 5, 2008

Why Social Lending? | Zopa Loans | Phillip B. Roberts

Why Social Lending? | Zopa Loans

Do you need a personal loan up to $25,000 fast?

Why Zopa Loans?

Zopa is the ONLY lender that allows you to use the power of big bank lending to get a loan funded while using the power of social networking to lower your interest rate. How?

Once you have created your profile with Zopa and your loan is funded, you promote your zopa profile using facebook, myspace, blogs, google adwords, movie trailers, whatever you can think of!! Everytime someone invests in a Zopa Certificate of Deposit (CD) a contribution is made to a trust account, which is passed directly on to you the person holding the loan in the way of lowered interest rates. You can literally reduce your interest rate to almost NOTHING during the life of your loan by doing a little bit of advertising. The best part about it is the person who invests in a CD gets a BIG thank you from you, and gains interest from their INSURED investment!

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