Friday, August 8, 2008

My next big adventure...

In January I am planning on taking my family to Vail in Colorado for the entire month. During this month I will be teaching my boys to skii, and just spending quality time with my family. My work during this time will be limited to 4 hours a week. How can I achieve this?

I realized a long time ago that finding a process for everything was the easiest way to keep myself from every having to do it. For every new project I put together, once I have I realized how that project produces an income stream for me, I break that project into pieces. Each piece has a dependency on another part of the process in order to create the overall system that produces that particular income stream for me. Once a piece of the process is completed, it is passed on to the next outsourced resource to complete their piece, this allows me to break my business down into multiple small pieces handled by different people. By doing this, I keep control of my intellectual property, and also minimize mistakes, because each outsourced resource is specially trained in order to complete one small piece of the overall puzzle that makes up my income.

There is a process to everything you do, soon we will discuss how to break each piece down into systems, and how to identify, train and utilize outsourced resources to complete your tasks, making you money, while YOU ski in Vail for a month.

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